Cooperation with leading European manufacturers allows us to guarantee deliveries of products of the highest quality, customized to individual conditions of work and environment. Scope of our services covers industrial valves in the range of diameters up to DN 2200 and pressures PN 400 in conformity with the EN, API and GOST standards.

Professional approach to projects using systematic inspection and effective monitoring on all stages of production and deliveries guarantees that Receiver will obtain valves meeting its requirements. We realize that project covers also concept and assumptions, that is why we offer assistance within the scope of technical solutions related to selection of valves and control systems.

Our partners:

MSA a.s. of which we are a Representative on the Polish market, is a part of RIMERA-GROUP and is one of the global leaders among industrial valves manufacturers, executing deliveries for large and strategic projects in Europe, Asia, Africa as well as North and South America. Its stable, strong position on the market results from over 120-year long history, huge experience gained on various markets, modern machine fleet and know-how of employees. Owned and still expanded range of attestations and certificates allows MSA a.s. for the access to global markets. MSA a.s. manufactures industrial valves in diameters up to DN1400 and pressures up to PN400, what allows for their application in gas, oil, petroleum-processing as well as conventional and nuclear power sectors.

Current, over 10-year long cooperation between our companies resulted in deliveries of industrial valves for strategic power objects in our country, such as: Gas Compressor Stations on pipeline Yamal-Western Europe, Underground Gas Storage Facilities in Wierzchowice, Power Unit 858MW in Power Plant Bełchatów, Underground Gas Storage Facilities in Kosakowo, Construction of 1000 kilometers of gas transport pipelines in the North-Western and Southern Poland by OGP Gaz-System S.A.

Based on the agreement concluded with German company NoReVa GmbH, we deliver axial check valves to Polish market. Parameters of the offered valves range from DN 25 to DN2200 and pressure from PN 16 to PN 400. Application of axial check valves provides very low pressure losses which in connection with their maintenance-less operation leads to high economic efficiency. Small stroke and weight of the closing member results in smooth closure in tenths of a second. NoReVa GmbH valves are applied in petroleum, gas, chemical, water and metallurgical systems.

Within over 20-year long history, Ke-Arm s.r.o. has become leading manufacturer of small diameter ball valves on the Czech market. Within a few year long cooperation based on concluded contracts, we deliver valves manufactured by this company to Polish market. Ke-Arm s.r.o. owns all certificates within the scope of designing, production, export and operation of valves. Valves of Ke-Arm s.r.o. are applied in gas, power, petroleum-processing and oil sector.

Swiss company Biar SA designs and manufactures modern sapling systems for pipelines and reactors for over 30 years. Products of Biar SA company can be characterized by high quality, durability and unique precision. Because of their design, valves and accessories for them minimize typical hazards related to sampling such as inhalation of toxic compounds or burns. High quality of Biar SA products is confirmed by certificates ISO 9001 and ISO 3834-2, TA-Luft, ATEX as well as CE mark. They can be used for sampling of fluids, gases or chemical products of high viscosity and density. Within the scope of a contract concluded between our companies, we represent BIAR SA company on the Polish market. Our offer covers full range of products of BIAR SA company.